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It's basically the culmination of all the brilliant things that life has to offer; good people, laughs, tears and all the emotions in-between, the dress, the music, the dancing, the speeches, the decision whether to change your shoes for flip flops (don't choose the flip flops). That's just the stuff you see on the surface. Think about being paid to join in on all of that revelry and document it for that couple to reminisce about with each other, their families and friends, their potential future children in years to come - what a privilege! 

As a wedding photographer it's hard not to form friendships with the couples who book you. You need to like the person that is going to be following you around taking your photo all day or at the very least not hate them. I'm not an arrogant idiot, the world has enough of them so don't expect me to speak to your guests with disregard or demand everyone stop having fun for my aesthetic needs (this only incurs if there is an amazing sunset and we need to move NOW!). I want you to be relaxed because you've done the hard work of putting this whole amazing day together. Now is the time to get stuck in and enjoy it because that's what I'll be doing. 

Nothing beats a
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I'll let the day play out before me until it comes to the moments of confetti runs, group shots, family set ups and couple shots. Then I'll get amongst it that bit more and organise things so the more contrived times don't feel too time consuming, stuffy or forced. 

When it comes to your couple shots I will have a plan of how I want these to play out, we'll even have discussed it before the day so we're all happy about what we're doing and going to achieve - how forward thinking is that! 

If you've got a summer wedding we can split the shoot into two sessions so you're not away from your guests for too long during the reception drinks. This way you’ll get time together with some gorgeous late evening light after dinner and before the evening reception fully kicks off. 

"I want to brighten your day and add to the happiness. I'll be unobtrusively documenting everything while you laugh and drink and embrace your loved ones. "

Couple shots aren't about making you feel awkward. It's you and your love, laughing, chatting maybe even snogging - it is your wedding day lets go crazy! I'll position you so you've got an awesome backdrop, and help pose you so you look fit but ultimately it's just about the chemistry between the two of you and I step back and let that unfold. I'll guide you where need be but you end up forgetting about me and just soak up that time together.

I've got lots of experience of how to capture your day so if you want advice I'm here for you. I will help you work out what sort of time you need on the day to get those pics you want and when. Nothing is ever set in concrete though, there's always room for manoeuvre. My job is to manage expectations of what photos we can get on the day. When you get that delivery of images from me, post wedding, I want you to be ecstatic, not disappointed that we didn't get those key moments you forgot about because the shots did flow! I'm all for flowing shots don't get me wrong let's just get those beaut photos before ties are around heads and dirty dancing moves are in full swing (these are a different type of beaut photos just FYI).

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